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We cover all manners of things Greek, from facts about Ancient Greece, to Greek Gods and Goddesses through to the modern day. This website is perfect for those looking for Greece facts for kids.

Learn About the Greek Gods and Goddesses

We have all heard about them, but how much do we truly know about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Find out why the Ancient Greeks believed and worshipped the Greek Gods and Goddesses and be amazed at the myths and legends that went with it. We have included quick facts about each God and Goddess for those that are short of time.

Enjoy our exciting article about the Greek Olympics

Ever wondered when did the Olympics start, or even where? Our section on the Greek Olympics is committed to giving you the best, fun and most accurate information. Alongside the history we have collated 18 fascinating facts about the Greek Olympics - some of which will surmise you!

Ancient Greek Temple 1. Ancient Greek Temple in Persepolis

Learn About Ancient Greece

Our page devoted to Ancient Greece is packed full with interesting facts. We cover the history, the people and some of the battles that took place. We even have a Ancient Greek timeline to illustrate the enhancements the Greeks made throughout their history. If you would like to see Greece through the eyes of an Ancient Greek then you'll love our map of Ancient Greece, (see if you can spot the difference between the map of ancient Greece with the map of Greece today).